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Learning Experience

Learning Experience

Technology Enhanced Learning

At the McTimoney College, we strive to keep our teaching facilities and technology up to date with the advances in global technology. Alongside an extensive collection of human and animal skeletons, research equipment, and library resources, we embrace a range of technology-enhanced approaches to learning and teaching. From our immersive Anatomage simulation tables to our user-friendly online Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), we are committed to delivering an innovative and engaging academic experience.

Anatomage Simulation Tables

Renowned as one of the foremost 3D anatomy visualisation and virtual dissection tools for anatomy and physiology education in the world, the Anatomage Simulation tables emphasise the technological advancement in chiropractic education. Offering access to online cadavers and facilitating electronic interaction with diverse human and animal bodies, these tables empower students to delve deep into the intricate nuances of anatomical structures and physiological functions. Embraced by prestigious medical schools worldwide, Anatomage redefines digital anatomy presentation, radiology software, and clinical content, heralding a new era in how students engage with the intricacies of both human and animal anatomies.

The College utilises the Anatomage tables at both our Oxford and Manchester campuses for our Chiropractic and Animal Chiropractic programmes.

Online Teaching Delivery

Together with interactive and student focused face-to-face delivery of lectures, seminars, technique and clinical teaching, the College also delivers enhanced learning online as part of our blended approach to teaching.

Through robust delivery platforms, our online teaching facilitates flexible learning, accommodating various study patterns across our range of programmes.

Virtual Learning Environment

The College provides students with access to our online Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) platform. This gives students with online access to timetables, lecture content and a whole host of innovative learning resources to support their education.

Recordings of Lectures & Seminars

To support the learning process for students, academic lectures are normally recorded to provide an anytime access resource for students to refer back to and to help reinforce the knowledge and understanding as students’ progress through the programme.

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