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Student Finances

Student Finances

If you have the skills and potential, we firmly believe that financial limitations should never stand in the way of your path to success.

If you’re a prospective degree or masters degree student, you may be eligible for financial support from the UK government to assist with the costs of your education at the McTimoney College. The support you receive is dependent on whether you are a UK or EU student, your programme start date, and your household income.

Eligibility for Government Support:

UK Students

If you are a UK student, you can access a UK government tuition fee loan covering your entire programme fees, irrespective of your household income, with no upfront payment required.

Students wishing to study our Master of Chiropractic programme may be eligible for a second tuition fee loan even if they have received a tuition loan for a previous undergraduate degree.

UK students can also apply for financial assistance to cover living expenses, the amount of which varies based on your UK region. You can access a basic maintenance loan for living costs regardless of your household income level. If you come from a lower-income household, you may also qualify for additional means-tested maintenance support.

To secure funding for the forthcoming programme year, it’s important to apply to your regional funding authority each year before the end of the Easter Holidays.

European Students

EU students may be eligible for tuition fee loans if you have been living in the UK, EEA, Overseas Territories or Switzerland for the past 3 years and you:

  • Have pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme and are an EU national or a family member of an EU national
  • Hold settled status under the EU settlement scheme
  • Hold Gibraltarian status as an EU national or family member of an EU national
  • Have been living in the UK on the first day of the first term of your programme

You may also be able to apply for tuition fee funding if you’re the:

  • Family member of a person with settled status in the UK
  • Family member of a Person of Northern Ireland
  • Family member of an Irish Citizen

International Students

We regret that funding for international students is not available in the UK. We advise students to explore funding opportunities offered by their home countries.

Understanding ‘Means Tested’

If you aim to be considered for a higher-level maintenance loan (for students from England) or a non-repayable maintenance grant (for students from Northern Ireland, Scotland, or Wales), you must undergo a financial assessment as part of your application to the funding agency. This assessment calculates your household income. While most of this process is automated, you might need to provide some financial information to support your evaluation.

Household income and calculations

Household income encompasses your income as well as that of individuals living with you, such as parents, step-parents, or partners. This income is evaluated based on gross taxable income for the previous full tax year. If your household income is expected to decrease by at least 15%, you can request a Current Year Income (CYI) assessment form from your regional funding agency to reflect the change.

Funding available by region

Payment Plans

For those who are self-funding their education, we recognise the importance of providing financial flexibility to ease the burden of tuition costs. The McTimoney College is committed to your academic success, and that includes ensuring that financial considerations do not hinder your educational journey.

With our payment plans, you can focus on your education without the stress of lump-sum payments. This approach not only makes your education more accessible but also aligns with the diverse needs and financial situations of our students.

Parent Learning Allowance

Full time students with children may be able to qualify for the Parents Learning Allowance. The amount you receive will depend on your household income.

  • The allowance is not repayable and is given in addition to other student finances.
  • It won’t affect your benefits or tax credit.
  • Repayment may be required for overpaid amounts due to changes in your circumstances or course.

Academic year allowance:

  • 2024 – 2025: The allowance ranges from £50 to £1,963
  • 2023 – 2024: The allowance ranges from £50 to £1,915

To be eligible, you must be a student in England with dependent children, enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or Initial Teacher Training (ITT) course, and have a household income below £18,835.98 annually. Childcare expenses are not a prerequisite for eligibility.

To learn more, visit UK Gov Parent Learning Allowance

Decide to change your mode of study or suspend your studies?

Thinking of making a shift in your study approach or considering a study suspension? If you opt to suspend your studies for any period, it’s vital to inform your regional funding agency. Please keep in mind that repeating study years can potentially affect your eligibility for financial support.

Additionally, it’s important to note that if you make changes to your study mode or the pace at which you complete your studies at any point during your academic journey, we are obligated to notify the Student Loans Company as this adjustment may carry funding implications.

Hardship Fund

In addition to the various avenues of financial support available to our students, we are committed to offering access to the College Hardship Fund, which serves as an essential resource to bolster your educational journey.

The College Hardship Fund has been carefully structured to address the unique challenges that students may face during their studies. It is a powerful tool that can step in when unforeseen financial hurdles arise, ensuring that your educational ambitions remain within reach.

This fund isn’t just about addressing immediate financial crises; it’s about fostering an environment where our students can fully focus on their educational goals without the burden of unexpected financial stress. Whether it’s covering unexpected living costs, assisting with course materials, or facilitating essential resources, the College Hardship Fund is there to support you in times of need.

We understand that pursuing an education can come with its own set of financial uncertainties. Our commitment to providing access to the College Hardship Fund underscores our dedication to making your academic experience as smooth and rewarding as possible. We encourage all eligible students to explore this option and embrace the opportunity to thrive in their studies with confidence and peace of mind.

If you have any questions relating to student finance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.