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Regulation in Chiropractic

Chiropractic in the UK is regulated by the General Chiropractic Council (GCC). Without GCC registration, individuals cannot legally practice as chiropractors in the UK.

The McTimoney College of Chiropractic has been assessed by the GCC and the ECCE and its qualifications have been formally “recognised” as providing the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience for the safe and competent practice of chiropractic.

General Chiropractic Council (GCC)

The GCC serves as the statutory authority for overseeing and maintaining standards within the Chiropractic profession, ensuring ethical practice, and safeguarding the well-being of patients. Their regulatory measures uphold the integrity and credibility of Chiropractic care across the UK.

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European Council on Chiropractic Education (ECCE)

The ECCE is an organisation established by the chiropractic profession in Europe to accredit institutions providing undergraduate chiropractic education and training. The principal goal of the ECCE is to assure the quality of chiropractic undergraduate education and training against a set of international educational Standards.

The ECCE is a founding member of the Councils on Chiropractic Education International (CCEI) which facilitates the portability of chiropractic qualifications around the world.

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Recognition of Animal Chiropractic

The McTimoney College of Chiropractic is recognised by the Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners (RAMP) and the Animal Health Professions Register (AHPR). Such accreditation enables graduates to pursue direct registration with either body upon successful completion of the programme, solidifying their credibility and expertise within the field of animal chiropractic.

Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners (RAMP)

RAMP plays a pivotal role in upholding the standards of animal musculoskeletal practice, ensuring the competence and professionalism of its registered practitioners. By adhering to RAMP’s guidelines, graduates can access a wealth of resources and opportunities that aid in their professional growth and development.

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Animal Health Professions Register (AHPR)

AHPR functions as a vital body, overseeing the ethical practice and proficiency of animal health professionals. By aligning with AHPR standards, graduates demonstrate their commitment to upholding the highest levels of competence and ethical conduct, thereby strengthening their standing within the field of animal chiropractic.

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McTimoney Animal Association (MAA)

Membership in the MAA is open to graduates from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic, providing a platform for professional registration, support, and advocacy within the animal chiropractic world. By building a community of skilled practitioners, the MAA actively contributes to the advancement and recognition of animal chiropractic practice.

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