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Mature Students

Mature Students

It’s never too late to start!

At the McTimoney College of Chiropractic, we appreciate the diverse experiences mature applicants bring, such as professional work engagements and voluntary work. When you apply, we take these into account alongside your practical expertise and life skills. These experiences hold great value, particularly when they align with the programme you’re interested in and showcase your self-driven motivation.

While highlighting these skills can enhance your application, we still need to evaluate your capability to study in a higher educational setting. Mature applicants must fulfil standard entry criteria (which can be met through various avenues).

The application process for mature students is the same as that of other applicants.

What programmes are available to mature students?

Our flexible part-time programmes are specifically designed to accommodate your work commitments and family responsibilities.

The McTimoney College offers a range of part-time study programmes, including:

Can mature students work during their degree?

Yes. Our part-time programmes are structured to enable you to continue working while pursuing your studies and managing your family duties.

What financial support is available to me as a UK mature student?

For detailed information about available financial support, please refer to our Student Finances page.

Visit Student Finances